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Pre-Owned Steinway FAQs 

Pre-Owned Steinways fall into the following categories:

1. Certified Pre-Owned (CPO)Steinway: These Steinways have only Steinway parts and have not been restored. CPO Steinways must be less than 30 years old and have gone through a rigorous, multi-point inspection.

2. Pre-Owned Steinway: These Steinways have only Steinway parts and have not been restored, however, they do not qualify as CPO Steinways, because they are more than 30 years old.

3. Heirloom Restored Steinway: These Steinways have been restored at the factory using only genuine Steinway parts and methodology.  

4. Privately Restored: These pianos have been rebuilt or refurbished to varying degrees by piano technicians using non-Steinway parts. Such an instrument is no longer a Steinway and is referred to as a 'Steinwas' or a "counterfeit Steinway." Such restored pianos may have a regional reputation; however, only Steinway restored pianos enjoy a nationally recognized market and investment value.

Why does using Steinway parts matter when restoring a Steinway? 

What makes a new Steinway superior to all other pianos is expert craftspeople using unparalleled Steinway parts. New Steinways are built to quality not price so only the finest materials are used. In other words, only the highest quality parts are used the first time to build the finest piano in the world.

Rebuilding with non-Steinway parts means that the piano no longer has the parts which made it a Steinway the first time. Without Steinway parts, it isn't a Steinway. Such pianos will suffer in touch, tone and investment value.

How can I tell if a piano is rebuilt at the factory?

Verification from the Steinway factory is available should you want to determine if a piano has been restored there.

All Steinway pianos offered by a Steinway dealer will be certified preowned, pre-owned or Heirloom restored and will be accompanied by Certificate of Authenticity.

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