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Scientific research suggests that our appreciation of music is innate which makes sense when we consider that music permeates our every day life. Whether we are listening to the soaring crescendos and heart-wrenching melodies in a Rachmaninoff piano concerto, attending a concert of our favorite rock band, watching a movie or TV sitcom, listening to the car radio, working out to our top 50 favorites on our iPhone, hearing our child practice his/her instrument, or singing our baby to sleep, we choose to have music surround us. 


During times of stress and uncertainty, many turn to music as a source of solace or inspiration: music can truly lift and restore our spirits. For some, it will mean finally having a moment to learn how to play an instrument after a lifetime of wanting to learn, for others it will mean finally purchasing the instrument of their dreams, for others it will mean encouraging a loved one to start lessons, and for others it will mean re-dedicating their commitment to learning an instrument they love.

To these different ends, we have several programs to help you achieve your musical needs. 

For Those Interested in Renting an Acoustic Piano or Digital Instrument:


For Those Interested in Purchasing a Piano:

1) Visit either or Charlotte, NC, Greensboro, NC or our Greenville, SC gallery (see the days/hours posted for each location under the 'about' tab). 

2) Schedule a Private in-Store Appointment;

3)Schedule a Virtual Appointment;

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During this unprecedented time, we ask that you take care of yourself. It is our hope that this loss of normalcy will redouble our commitment to focus on the values we consider most important.

Sincerely, Mark and Katherine Love

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